Retirement Planning

Many can visualize the retirement of their dreams; traveling, enjoying time with family, volunteering or even pursuing a second career. The hard part is building a financial plan that will afford you this dream. My strategies help you assemble the pieces of this puzzle into an plan. Your vision can be pursued.

Investment Management

Choosing a portfolio of investments is an intimidating process for most. Maintaining a strategy through all phases of the accumulation years and modifying that strategy for the years of spending in retirement is a dynamic process. This is something that I do well. Assessing your risk level and matching it up with a portfolio of investments is key to building your nest egg as well as making it last. My job is to help you live out your retirement years with a sense of financial independence.

Retirement Plan Development

For the duration of my career I have worked in the 403(b) retirement plan market. The changes in the industry over recent years require employers to be more diligent in their plan offering. Designing a plan that will benefit, both, the employees as well as the employer, choosing a lineup of world class investments, keeping cost down and keeping up with industry regulation all play a part in improving participant outcome. My experience brings experience in all these areas.